Monday, July 6, 2009

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Sorry I have not written in so long. I have been feeling very weak lately and my pain level has severly increased in my chest and throat area. I have only been sleeping a couple hours a day from this and am feeling very depressed from it. I cant go more than about 15 steps without setting down and resting. Our 4th of July was pretty bad because of money. We just got a notice from our insurance company that I have reached the "donut hole part" of my prescription coverage and we are now totaly responsible for 100% of all coverage for the next 4452.00 of my script coverage. My main pain medication is going to cost me almost $900.00 per month. If anybody has any idea what to do please let us know. Sorry for the depressing blog but I dont know where to turn. We have applied to every organization we ave been referred to without any positive results. Social Security said they may be able to help but it will take 6 - 12 months for an initial decision. Sorry for venting to you all. I love you all. Please take care of yourselves. HC.

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