Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Remember to take a moment and thank a veteran you know for what they did for each of us.


  1. HC..It's grrrreat that you're doing your own blog! I don't know who to believe about Annie's driving. On one hand, I believe all females need to stick together, because we get commonly are labeled as "bad drivers". Then there is the fact that you were a it reasonable to believe you would know a bad driver when you see one. Here's something else to factor in, IF Annie is truly a bad driver, then why would you get in the car with her??? It seems reasonable to believe YOU were have a bad tummy moment, and ANY movement (such as being in the car) would cause further grief. SOOOO... I'm voting that Annie is a GOOD Driver!!!! Don't ever try to have a different opinion than a WOMAN, you don't stand a chance!!!

  2. My favorite football buddy, great to hear from you. Miss you and the whole family. Keep up the fight as I know you will.